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Privacy Policy

Venture Labo Investment (hereafter referred to as “this company”) will follow laws and other standards related to personal information and make the utmost effort to protect the personal information of its customers.

Regarding Collection of Personal Information

This company will collect personal information to the extent necessary in the following circumstances:

When contacting this company.
When applying for services from this company.

Regarding Personal Information Purpose of Use

This company will use personal information collected from customers for the following purposes:

To contact customers.
To reply to customers who have contacted this company.
To provide services to customers.

Regarding Transference of Personal Information to Third Parties

This company will not disclose or provide personal information obtained from customers to a third party except for the following exceptions:

When approved by the customer.
When requested by law enforcement or a government agency.
When it applies by law.

Regarding the Display or Correction of Personal Information:

This company will respond to any customer request to display, correct, or delete personal information.

Contact for questions regarding the protection of personal information.

TEL. 03-6264-1861 FAX. 03-6264-1862
Venture Labo Investment Representative Director Tadayoshi Yamanaka

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